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Lélex Crozet Area

Find all the different rates for the Lélex - Crozet ski lift passes by clicking here.

Our advice to choose your lift pass according to your meeting place and your level: 


  • Club Piou-Piou : secured area situated in the village. 
No ski pass is required unless, at the weekend, the child's level allows for an introduction to the ski lift.
In this case, on the instructor's request, an initiation area lift pass may be required.

  • Children Level Ourson : children over 8 years old who have never skied don't begin in the Club Piou-Piou.
  - From the 1st day of lesson, they need an initiation area lift pass.
  - For weekly lessons, initiation area lift pass to begin, and at the weekend (according to the instructor's info), Alpine ski lift pass.
  - For children skiing only during the lessons, the 10-pass package is sufficient for the beginning of the week.

  • Children Level Flocon : in the initiation area. 
For weekly lessons, Alpine ski lift pass is required unless the child only skis during the lessons.
In this case, take the initiation area lift pass at the beginning, then, on the instructor's info, Alpine ski lift pass.

  • Children Levels 1st star to Competition : Alpine skiing lift pass.

  • Adults & Snowboard lessons : Alpine skiing lift pass .


  • Club Piou-Piou : Ski Pass Telecord Crozet

  • Children Level Ourson (beginners over 8 years old): Ski Pass Telecord Crozet
For weekly lessons, Ski Pass Telecord Crozet and on weekends (according to the instructor's info), initiation area lift pass.

  • Children level Flocon initiation area lift pass 
For weekly lessons, Alpine skiing lift pass.

  • Children levels 1st star to Competition : Alpine skiing lift pass.

  • Adults
 - Beginners: initiation area lift pass.
 - Higher levels: Alpine skiing lift pass.

  • Snowboard Discovery : initiation area lift pass
For weekly lessons: Alpine skiing lift pass.

  • Snowboard 1 et plus : Alpine skiing lift pass.

Starting from 2 consecutive days, take advantage of a family package: 2 adults + 2 children, children pay half price.
Whatever the level, in this case, take a family package from the beginning of the week whether it is Lélex or Crozet. 

The ski pass is free for children under 5 years of age and can be picked up at the lift ticket office on presentation of proof of age.