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Where does my lesson start

Depending on where you live, several meeting points are possible! Please pay attention to their different locations to choose the right one when you make your reservation. 

    CROZET (Pays de Gex / Genève side)
  • A single gathering at the school chalet at the top of the arrival of the Crozet cable car (allow 15min of ascent) with the kindergarten. 
If there are not enough pupils, the school will take care of the transfers to Lélex. 

LÉLEX (Bellegarde / Lyon / Dijon side)
  • Gathering Lélex Bas - Muiset in the center of the village with the kindergarten and the initiation area for the Ourson and Flocon levels (for the week courses and on info from the instructor, the meeting place can change to Lélex Haut at the weekend) 
  • Gathering Lélex High at the top of the gondola (allow 15min of ascent) for 1st Star to Competition, Adult and Snowboard courses. 

We never pick up the children at the foot of the gondola. Parents wishing to accompany their children must provide a pedestrian pass if they are not skiers. There are weekly passes available.